Dendritic Druzy Diamond Necklace


This incredible piece is truly one of a kind and features so many little details. The focal point is a dendritic druzy set in 22k gold topped with a .44ct diamond. A textured 18k gold border surrounds the stone with a couple little diamond accents. The pendant hangs on a long 25" strand featuring 13carats of diamond cube beads as well as 18k and 22k gold handcrafted beads with white and black diamond accents. 

-Handcrafted in 18k and 22k gold
-Featuring dendritic druzy and .55ct diamond as well as little diamond accents throughout
-Pendant measuring approx. 1-1/2" tall x 3/4wide
-Hangs on an 25" strand of 13cts of cube diamonds and 18k and 22k gold beads
- S-hook enclosure

Handcrafted by Jody Craven on Cape Cod