Metalsmith Society's Guide to Jewelry Making


Everything You Need to Know to Build Your Skills as an Artisan Jeweler

Metalsmith Society's Guide to Jewelry Making is the ultimate handbook to get you started on your jewelry-making journey. Corkie Bolton, jeweler extraordinaire and founder of Metalsmith Society, has compiled the ultimate compendium on the craft for beginners. You'll get a deep dive into indispensable tools and materials needed to create a well-rounded workspace. Corkie also answers every question you might have about essential yet tricky-to-master techniques such as sawing, stamping and annealing.

What's more, through ten beginner-friendly projects, you'll put your budding skills to the test and light the spark of inspiration for designing your own pieces. Necklace lovers will learn stone setting and making clasps with the Thick Bezel Pendant and Simple Chain Necklace, while ring projects like the Interlocking Ring and Hidden Detail Ring will have you practicing polishing and embellishing your creations.

Embark on your rewarding jewelry-making career with confidence. With this comprehensive book at your bench, you will have everything you need to get started and keep going!