Turquoise Patina Synclastic Hammered Cuff


This cuff is an intentional curve-formed piece to enhance the wearers daily patterns. Over time, your cuff should wear with daily use, more focused at the high points, revealing the hammer-forged pattern. It’s something the wearer earns by wearing, but so worth the natural oxidation beauty of a patinated jeweled piece.

Made of Brass (alloy of copper and zinc only, nickel free)
It will fit most average sized wrists and is slightly adjustable.
5/8″ Wide

Because in the patination process no two pieces come out exactly the same you will not receive a cuff exactly as pictured, the coloring will vary, but will be just as beautiful!   Patinas are an oxidizing chemical reaction that you'll see along rooftops and bay windows in some older cities.

Made in Boston by Porcelain&Stone
This listing is for 1 cuff